Work on Galley and Photo intro

Here are some photos of Sea Venture as we work on her. Included is one of Michael standing beside the BIG boat when he first saw her in San Carlos, Mexico. The pilothouse photo is of a sister ship that was for sale in Sausalito. As you can see, the galley was built for tiny people. It’s low, exposed–imagine working there as the seas beat around you–and has little storage. So, we’re moving it to the lower salon. The port side of the lower salon wasn’t particularly useful as designed (at least for us)–a small settee, a desk too far away from the navigation instruments, not comfortable for computer work. With the new galley, we’ll have a place for the generator, plus lots of storage and countertop area and a new 10″ deep double sink. The u-shape will hold me in when the going gets rough. We’ll keep the refrigerator and freezer in the pilothouse (rebuilding both), and a 5′ settee will go where the stove and sink were. Michael is also installing a new Lewmar hatch above the stove area, with 12-volt track lighting above the sink and the stove.

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