Shoal Waters

A Carolina Coast Story Book 6

Dementia, mad gunmen, and a yearning for something more make life difficult for the Beaufort folk in this series finale.

Georgie’s mind threatens to go walkabout, and she’d better get help soon if she’s to stop her daughter from taking over. Enter granddaughter, Jeminy, a songwriter from L.A., and Eric, her lawyer.

​Jeminy hates herself and is pretty sure God does, too. There’s that huge unforgiveable sin, plus the boyfriend/manager who dumped her and lost her a music deal. Her mistakes. Her fault.

When Mother plots to tuck Nana Georgie neatly into a nursing home to gain access to Nana’s money, Jeminy hightails it out of L.A. and back to Beaufort. God may still hate her in North Carolina, but at least she’ll be on hand to protect her beloved grandmother.

Enter Eric, the lawyer hired to help Georgie protect herself–and possibly Jeminy, too. But Eric just rescued his orphaned stepson from Social Services, and while he’s adept at legal briefs and courtroom dramas, classrooms and angry second graders are brand new territory.

Guitar in hand, Jeminy tries to write songs to jumpstart her flagging career, but when someone threatens her life, she has to ask why. Could it have to do with the money missing from her bank accounts (and maybe her unstable ex)? If she prays for help, will God even listen to someone with her baggage?

With the help of the Beaufort crew, a new father and a terrified musician struggle to safeguard everyone they love, but it’s going to take more than good neighbors to show each of them the true meaning of grace.


“I loved everything about Shoal Waters and highly recommend it. It can be read as a stand-alone but I know once you enter this world, you are going to want to read all of them.” Susan Schleicher

“I’ve binge-read the whole series in just a few days. I couldn’t put the books down—the characters were so real I didn’t want to part company with them. You’ll love them all. Five stars for Shoal Waters—five stars for the entire series.” Debhgrty

“…The story tackled some sensitive topics like Abortion, Dementia, Aging Grandparents and so much more. The author eloquently addresses those topics. The Suspense and Romance in this book made this a page turner book! GREAT BOOK!” familymgrkendra

“Just finished this wonderful series… I couldn’t stop reading to give a review between the books. This is the first time I’ve read this author and I’m looking forward to more books from her. It helped with my feelings of depression and renewed the faith of my youth. I too turned away to earthly things and lost my faith.” Debbie

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Published by Sleepy Creek Press