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A few kind words

In Heavy Weather, Normandie Fisher has created a coastal Carolina setting so palpable you can almost smell the plough mud, as well as a cast of characters so touchingly authentic you’ll want to invite them over for a barbecue. Fisher takes the reader on an emotional journey that is both heartfelt and richly written as her characters stumble, sometimes grudgingly, toward healing and forgiveness. A deep and lovely story about the unshakable bonds of friendship and the healing power of love.”
~Barbara Davis, best-selling author

This novel  [HEAVY WEATHER]  has it all: suspense, romance, small southern town charm, and a very real depiction of the dark side of family life. Normandie Fischer is a wonderful voice in southern women’s fiction. Having read her debut, BECALMED, I knew this. What I didn’t expect was the raw and honest portrayal of domestic violence that sucked me into the story. Normandie didn’t sugarcoat the abuse, but she gave us such hope in what could have been a hopeless situation. Her portrayal of the abuser, Roy, was utterly compelling…. If you want to get lost in a page-turner with characters you’ll love (and hate!) this is the book for you. … I found myself carrying the book around and reading in stolen moments, often with my heart racing. …

~Barbara Claypole White, award winning and best-selling author.

Fischer’s recent romantic thriller is replete with awkward encounters that eventually turn into romance amid Palestinian-Israeli terrorist activity and a flurry of mysterious disappearances. Complete with a well-defined cast set within alternating parallel-narrative chapters that zero in on two principal characters–he, an engineer acting as a double agent, and she, a history teacher wanting more out of life–Fischer’s novel is nothing less than thoroughly gripping.

~Top Pick,  RT Book Reviews [Two from Isaac’s House]