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Visit Me–Elsewhere

Lots of news from my neck of the woods, but most of it has to do with my busyness. Besides writing the next Carolina Coast novel, I’m now a monthly contributor to Novel Rocket. The second Wednesday of every month you can find me there, talking about life as an author. But don’t Read more →

A Reblog of: An Open Apology To Dolly Parton  | Rawe-struck

I’m reblogging a post my daughter sent to me in which the author admits to an early prejudice and her subsequent discovery that Dolly Parton continues to use her influence and money for good. Take it away, Amy Rawe:     Dear Dolly, I’ll be honest. I used to think Read more →

Audiobooks, Anyone? Another Giveaway!

Another Audiobook Giveaway! Two from Isaac’s House Another

Tonight’s the Night of the Maggie Awards

And Heavy Weather is up against some great books, but especially Barbara Claypole White’s The Perfect Son! Go, us!    


Check out the Giveaway HERE! 10 copies of the audiobook for Two from Isaac’s House will be given away on October 1. ****DUE TO THE LAWS OF OTHER COUNTRIES, THE GIVEAWAY WILL BE LIMITED TO THE US ONLY. **** Other authors are also joining in the fun. Check out the Read more →

Two from Isaac’s House in Audiobook!

SAMPLE   I think Brandon Potter and Spoke Media did an excellent job, especially on the Middle Eastern accents. Travel with Rina from Morehead City, NC, to Perugia, Italy, where bodies begin to drop, and Rina has no idea who is friend and who foe. Follow Tony to Perugia and Read more →

Love in the Age of Insanity | Quid Pro Quills

We live in a crazy world. We live in a world where a madman who aligns himself with Islamist terrorists guns down a nightclub full of people, and immediately, Christians are lectured and, in some c… Source: Love in the Age of Insanity | Quid Pro Quills

Write with Moral Direction | Katherine Harms, Editor

A persistent theme in writing and drama is the battle between good and evil as it works out in human decisions about doing the right thing or the wrong thing. It is not always as simple as knowing … Source: Write with Moral Direction | Katherine Harms, Editor

The Green-Eyed Monster: Sharing from Writers in the Storm

Ever feel that little snake of jealousy slither into your consciousness? I think it’s something we all have to deal with again and again and again. Love Laura Drake’s thoughts on what it can do to us–and the power it steals if we let it linger. Visit her at Writers Read more →

Writing in a Void: Why Reviews Matter

I live on a creek. At any time during the work day, I can turn from my computer and look out over the expanse of water and refill my beauty-hungry soul. Granted, today it’s all slate on slate with the gray broken by splashes of white, because even our shallow Read more →