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Writing (Not) on Board

I’m trying something new. Yes, on the marketing advice of someone in the know, I’m trying to gear down to one blog. So, this appeared over on Sea Venture’s blog, and because a lovely friend commented, I don’t want to dump the post. But the content here would only duplicate Read more →

Back in the Water — Finally

Well, Sea Venture floats. Good to know. After they eased her into the water yesterday, Michael dashed below to check the bow thruster installation and the new coils of stuffing around the prop shaft. She’s been sitting on the hard, settling into an unflattering shape, so who knew what we’d Read more →

Guests at Sleepy Creek!

With Sea Venture still land-bound, we’re playing on little boats. Step-sister Misa and her beau, Rick, came from California to visit, and we took the motor boat out to Cape Lookout. Michael, poor darling, remained tied to big-boat repairs (with a launch date looming, there’s still much to finish), so Read more →

New Writing Blog, Lost Friends

It appears that, when I upgraded Writing on Board from to, I made both blog-post pictures and people vanish into cyberspace. If, by any chance, you were among those following my writing world at, then I’d be grateful if you’d drop by again and hit Subscribe. I Read more →

I’m becoming suspicious (though not superstitious)

A few posts back, you read about our bow thruster/ shipment issues. Well, here’s round two of The Shipping Gremlins At Work. Michael sent one of our Mermaid Marine air conditioners back to the factory for some warranty work. Those folk are professional, courteous, and dedicated to keeping customers happy. Read more →

Fading into Silence?

What does it mean when a cruiser’s sailing blog slips into silence? Sometimes, the sailor is busy sailing. He can’t write, because he’s at sea. She doesn’t post, because she’s too busy living the seafaring life. Wouldn’t it be jolly if that were my excuse? Well, I’m sorry to say, Read more →

New SSCA Cruising Station: Beaufort, NC

Now that Sea Venture and her crew are hanging around the Beaufort area more often than not, we’ve volunteered to become a cruising station for sailors wending their way north or south on the US East Coast. If you don’t know about the Seven Seas Cruising Association, now’s the time Read more →

The bow thruster arrived–and now there’s a recall

I must say, once the Lewmar head honcho in England got involved, folk jumped. We received the new motor within days (all the way from England) with only minimal damage. Do not, let me repeat, do not allow a vendor to ship something with any heft via UPS. We’ll fix Read more →

Damaged Bow Thruster: Still Waiting….

        As you see, the tunnel is in, the props (before they were primed or painted with anti-fouling) are set in place, and we’re ready for the new thruster motor to arrive to take the place of the damaged one above. I do hope we won’t have Read more →

While We’re on the Hard

We can’t quite believe that Sea Venture remains on the hard after the waterspout damage to the marina in June, but there she sits. She pouts a bit. She doesn’t like the inattention to her appearance. She’s feeling old and ill-used. Michael reminds her that he’s trying and that as Read more →