Still on the Hard

Sea Venture languishes on the hard as we try to get repair work finished after the water spout zinged her in June. It’s November now. Still, we can be thankful: she rode out Hurricane Irene well as she sat high in the air in Beaufort. And, eventually, she will be back in the water. God is good. All the time.

And as we wait, look at what confronted us this morning. You can’t ask for much better than this, balmy temperatures included.



2 Replies to “Still on the Hard”

  1. Small world! Hey guys it is Dan Hartjoy from the Force 50 Liberty in Richmond. In March of last year I bought an Irwin 65 ketch in Charleston. We did some repairs and sailed it south to the Panama canal and brought it home to Emeryville, CA. I met up with my dad in Colon Panama and he made the trip with my girlfriend and I. Much has changed with me but that’s a long story. You can read a little about the boat and trip at

    Take care and hope you get floating soon!

    1. Good to hear from you, Dan. Obviously, much has changed in your life! Hadn’t you bought another boat on which you guys were living in CA? Too bad you and Michael didn’t realize you were in many of the same places along the way! Drop us an email sometime. We’d love to catch up…

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