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Lots of news from my neck of the woods, but most of it has to do with my busyness. Besides writing the next Carolina Coast novel, I’m now a monthly contributor to Novel Rocket. The second Wednesday of every month you can find me there, talking about life as an author. But don’t wait until Wednesdays: the blog has wonderful contributors every day.

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And if you’re on my mailing list, I’ll let you know about new releases and other fun things, including opportunities for freebies and my new audiobooks. The second edition of Sailing out of Darkness just released and has been brought into the Carolina Coast fold with a brand new cover. One of my favorite narrators, Laura Jennings, will begin recording the audiobook soon.

Sleepy Creek Press and I have teamed with to create a store for my audiobooks, which will save you, the buyer, a chunk of change and will help me pay for the talented narrators I’ve hired. I’m very proud of the audiobooks we’re produced and hope you’ll check them out. You can listen to samples on my website or in the Store.

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New Vendors for TWO FROM ISAAC’S HOUSE in audio



Check these out…



Here’s a sample of Brandon Potter reading the narrative. Wait until you hear him do the Middle Eastern voices…


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Two from Isaac’s House in Audiobook!




I think Brandon Potter and Spoke Media did an excellent job, especially on the Middle Eastern accents.

Travel with Rina from Morehead City, NC, to Perugia, Italy, where bodies begin to drop, and Rina has no idea who is friend and who foe. Follow Tony to Perugia and then to Jordan and Israel as Israel prepares to defend itself against Hamas rockets. Meet terrorists and good guys, friends and foes.

Grab a copy of the full audiobook for yourself. Go SHOPPING at the Sleepy Creek Press Store (it will be available with other vendors soon) and experience the excitement.

I listen to audiobooks while I’m cooking and cleaning, driving and walking, and especially while I’m on the elliptical, trying to keep this aging body in shape. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have as much time as I’d like to sit with a book in my lap, but I can justify “reading” with a narrator because I’m being so productive.