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Surprise fog and cold in Bahia San Carlos

An afternoon fog rolled in from the sea.  

Fingernails across a chalkboard

I’ve been an editor for over thirty years, and some things drive me crazy. This may not interest you at all. That’s fine, but today my skin crawls from the sound of fingernails raking across the chalkboard. I wish some of the copy editors out there in publishing land would Read more →

Where is Sea Venture’s Crew?

We took a sabbatical from sailing while we helped daughter Ariana marry her now-husband, Chad, and attended to land issues. Ariana’s wedding was outside, on the water, so we put a lot of prayer into the weather issues, especially when rain pummeled the area just one week before the wedding. Read more →

Sunrise and Clouds

Boaters study the sky for weather clues, even when they’re not on board. Here we are, thousands of miles away from Sea Venture, and we not only study the clouds, but we rush to grab the camera when a beautiful sky welcomes us. I took these pictures early Monday morning.  Read more →

Back in San Carlos

A friend took this last winter here in San Carlos, but as we’re busy getting the boat ready for hurricane season, we aren’t taking many pictures. Just thought I’d let you know where we are, that we’re at anchor now and enjoying the lovely air conditioning, that there’s a slight Read more →


Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez. Praise music piped to the cockpit, in Spanish, of course, but, oh, so very, very full of the magnificence of God. By sunrise, we’d been at sea for four hours. Ecclesiastes chapter 3 speaks of time in large and small terms. At sea, it Read more →

Pictures, La Ramada to Guaymas

I linked to a file of pictures we took en route from La Ramada to Santa Domingo to Guaymas, but sometimes that’s just too much trouble. For those who don’t like to click on links, here are a few highlights.

Crossing the Sea Again

We’re exhausted, but we made it.  Little wind, calm seas, fun visitors on board, Spanish worship music piped to the cockpit — what more could one want? We couldn’t go into the marina as the wind decided to come out to play as we approached the harbor. Here’s the view Read more →

Heading North–La Ramada

After spending a lovely evening with Bill and Laurie Simpson of Iron Maiden (think BIG steel motor-sailor with ALL the comforts of home), we left Isla Coronado this morning en route to some place further along the journey. The windless morning grew rolly, which is not our favorite way to Read more →

Storms to the left of us, storms to the right

And another one stopped en route this way! I wish Michael had taken a picture of the screen from last night.  Multiply the size of the storm below by three, and you have the size we faced. It had a growing center, high winds, and looked to be about 250 Read more →