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On the subject of reading

When my 82-year-old mother visits Sea Venture, she comes laden with a stash of books that she passes on to me. I remember How Starbucks Saved My Life from last year. It wasn’t brilliant, but it did amuse. This year I discovered a new-to-me author, John Galsworthy, and his One Read more →

Local Knowledge Continued

A former critique partner wrote recently that she owed me a review. Thrilled, I sent her my latest manuscript and told her to read for content or for any stumbling block, such as too much back story too early in the game. She has been posting comments — much appreciated Read more →

Local Knowledge

  Can you see why we love Carteret County? That’s our harbor, with part of the flotilla ready to go! I just received comments from a reader who actually grew up in the area about which I’ve been writing. True, I spent my growing-up summers there. My family originated in Read more →

I apologize again

For all those who got spammed with 30+ emails from this account, I apologize. Again. It seems that when I went in — with a new password — to set up email posting so I could send things from our SSB at sea, it enabled whatever/whoever to spam post to Read more →

Facebook Update

Okay. All right. I concede. It’s victory to those who pushed me to join Facebook. Even with all of the hassles, the stolen blog, the email invitations to all and sundry and my subsequent embarrassment, I now admit that I’m having fun connecting with friends I haven’t heard from in Read more →

Another One Down

Another manuscript out of my hands and into my agent’s. Of course, he may not like it, but that’s negative thinking, so I’d rather not go there. I’m glad I listened to the voice in my head and rewrote this story in the first person. All of my other stories Read more →

Spam Postings

I want to apologize to any of you who received spam postings from this blog. I recently signed up with Facebook on the advice of my literary agent. Somehow, they got hold of my entire email address book AND this blog. and sent invitations to everyone I’d ever written or Read more →


I don’t know about you, but I think writing a piece, letting it lie dormant, and then going back with fresh eyes is a great idea. When I first wrote/rewrote/edited/rewrote Sailing Out of Darkness, I listened to a lot of folk who had various things to say about it. Cut Read more →

Sleepy Creek in flood

Sleepy Creek is behaving oddly. The tide has been higher than normal during most of September, but now all the docks are under water and we have a new pond behind the house! We haven’t had much rain for more than a week, but we do have depth, finally. This Read more →

Mama’s 81st B-Day Feast

Harker’s Island hush puppies, local shrimp and asparagus with a strawberry shortcake for dessert. My mother’s almost 93-year-old brother Ecky came to celebrate with us, as did good friends, Susan and Grace. We journeyed to Charleston to pick up my mother on the 3rd of March, leaving the boat in Read more →