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The Beauty of this Place

I’ve been busy tweaking submissions for my agent, Terry Burns. And in between tweaks, we’ve traveled from one place to another and back again.  If you’d like to see pictures other than the one of rays leaping and slapping the water, take a gander at I’ve put up a Read more →

Saturday in Loreto

It was hot. I mean, hot. 100 degrees in the sun. But, we were here. We needed a few more groceries if we were going to hang on the hook for a while, and we could use the walking exercise. The Mission Hotel (La Mision) is on the Malecon. A Read more →

The Problem with Peter

Are you tired of making promises to God that you can’t keep? Tired of feeling happy one day and discouraged the next? We just listened to a sermon by William Carrol from Times Square Church that hit home. He suggests that our problem is exactly what old Peter faced: the Read more →

Discipline versus Discouragement

Do you ever feel discouraged by what is not happening…or by what is? Do you feel overwhelmed by moments whose sole purpose seems to be to steal your peace? Recently, I spent most of a day wallowing in doubt. I fretted and worried and forgot all I knew about trust, Read more →

The Hardest Part

The hardest part of starting a new manuscript is starting. It’s that first paragraph and that first page. Oh, I can always go back and revise, but the first will set the tone and give me a jump start on crafting a work that pleases me. I kept saying I Read more →

Sailing, Sailing

To see some of the places we’ve been lately, visit our sailing blog and website (it’s changed) We’re back in Internet land at Puerto Escondido. Time to begin a new manuscript. This is faith speaking: if I write Book 3, Books 1 and 2 of the Beaufort series will Read more →

Another Down, Another to Go

I sent off the second Beaufort book to my agent last week. He applauded the hook and the continuing tension. But in writing book 2, I realized I needed to rewrite at least the opening of book 1. It has been taking up hard-drive space again. This morning, it went Read more →

Does the World Need You — and Me?

Over at editor Mick Silva suggests that, yes, the world needs us because it needs our words. What a novel thought.  I look over my shoulder to glimpse time’s passing, to wonder how the moments slipped from then to now when I barely feel the years — except for Read more →

Rewriting and then rewriting again

Why is it that the phrase I thought so perfect — so apropos! — leaps suddenly off the page as miserably imperfect? I’ve either got too much or too little of whatever I should or shouldn’t have. I rewrite. Ah, ha! The sentence flows. Or does it? No, it has Read more →

To be read aloud and thoughtfully

      Here is some lovely writing that I found in One More River by John Galsworthy (Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY,1970, pp 264-265): …By love was man flung into the world; with love was he in business nearly all his days making debts or profit; and when he died was by Read more →