Back in the Water — Finally

Well, Sea Venture floats. Good to know. After they eased her into the water yesterday, Michael dashed below to check the bow thruster installation and the new coils of stuffing around the prop shaft. She’s been sitting on the hard, settling into an unflattering shape, so who knew what we’d find.

Good Sea Venture. A little water around her belly, and she sits up straight and proud. Her interior teak is going to be so happy now.

Of course, there’s much left to do. Scrubbing and cleaning and getting all systems back on line. Unloading the spare bedroom of SV’s gear and reloading some of it on board.

And then sanding and varnishing her brightwork. And polishing all that stainless.

The marina stuck us in a slip with a ten-foot finger pier, which means one has to climb up over the bow pulpit to get on board. Michael has gone off to turn her around, but he’s got a bounce in his step today because that bow thruster means he’s in control of the front end, and the wind isn’t. He said he might have some hair left on his head if we’d had the bow thruster way back when.

Dream on, Mr. Fischer. Besides, I like the way he looks, just as he is.

At least, I’ve almost finished varnishing the companionway doors. These were repaired and reworked in Mazatlan when we changed the entry, but they clean up well. Just need to get the hardware back on, and they’re good to go.

As soon as we can get back on board, Mama and I plan to work on the rest of the teak. Someone stopped by right after SV arrived from her marathon trip and said, “So glad to see you’re letting her go grey naturally.”  We smiled and didn’t mention that neglect at sea had let her discolor, not intention.

We all know how much harder we’ve got to work to maintain aging bodies. Put aging bodies to work on aging wood, and you’ll see a lot of lounging in between bouts of sanding.

It may take a while.

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  1. Good to hear, N. I know it’s the new beginning, but at least there is one. Glad for you and Michael and your mama.

    1. Thank you, Nicole. We obviously won’t be heading north as we’d planned — too much work to do to get ready. But all things work together, and we will soon (relatively speaking) be able to spend a few days at Cape Lookout or venture up to New Bern. Just being on one’s boat, wherever she goes, is fun. Especially if she’s a floating condo.

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