Prelude to VIRTUAL LAUNCH: Day 8

As we move toward Becalmed’s Facebook Launch Party on July 1, I invite you to meet Tadie Longworth.

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Sailing PUff
Sailing a sharpie


Eighth up: Sara Longworth 

The town of Beaufort has been calling Sara “Tadie” ever since her little brother first lisped it years ago. It must be a Southern thing, because it sure doesn’t make much sense otherwise. I mean, Tadie doesn’t exactly sound like a shortened Sara, does it? Now that her mama’s gone, the only one left who uses her real name is James Whitlock. “Miss Sara,” he said when she first asked about it, “your mama wants to call you what she named you, well, I’m gonna do the same.”

Tadie doesn’t know what she’d do without James, Elvie Mae, or their daughter, Rita. Those three are family, even if not blood kin. Of course, one fine thing about small-town life is that friends can fill in a lot of gaps.

Take her best friend, Hannah Morgan. Tadie and Hannah go all the way back to kindergarten, and they’ve been tight ever since. About six years ago, they started up Down East Creations to showcase Tadie’s jewelry and Hannah’s pottery, and then they hired Isa to help run the shop.

Just across the street from the house Tadie’s great-grandaddy built, Tadie’s little sharpie, Luna, bobs off the dock, just waiting for a sail out Talyor Creek to Cape Lookout. You outta see Luna skip along on a good breeze. Sometimes, though, when the wind sits for a spell, she’ll find herself becalmed. You know what I mean. We’ve all been there, boat or no boat.

And lookee out in the anchorage. See what the wind blew in among all those pretty cruising boats? How can a sailor of a small boat not yearn just a little for life on a bigger one. One that sails places.


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Beaufort, NC
Beaufort, NC

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  1. Hi,

    Just shared the latest post on FB. 🙂

    Looking forward to the actual face-to-face launch in Beaufort!

    Here’s to smooth sailing for all of it,


  2. Thanks, Patti! Can’t wait to meet you and your friends. Hush puppies will be there early (2 PM), but they’re not going to last!

  3. That’s it, the word to describe my current state of being: becalmed. A much nicer way of saying stuck. 🙂 Headed over to share this post on fb now.
    Tracie recently posted..Ephesians 4:28My Profile

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