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Let’s Talk Italy

  I love Italy. I loved it from the moment I stepped from the southbound train onto the station platform and met a Canadian named Helen, a woman as lost in the language as I. We roomed together during her stint at the language school and became life-long friends. (To Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you be blessed this day and find joy in family and friends. May your heart be full of the love that is yours for the asking–a Love that carries you through the hard times, lifts you up in sorrow, and gives you peace that passes understanding . . . Read more →

Woo-hoo! Sea Venture Went Roaming!

I took time off from writing and editing to play on our beloved boat! So, so much fun. I know. Our poor darling Sea Venture sat around on the hard and then at dock for far, far too long. But Saturday dawned bright and cold, and off we went, up Read more →

Storm Preparation

Sometimes we wonder if we own our big boat or if it owns us. See that bright red/orange blob? We’re right in the middle of it.   Take hurricane preparedness. Yesterday, the weather gurus still couldn’t say how far off Hurricane Sandy would be, but they guaranteed we’d have surges Read more →

Signing on the Dotted Line: Publishing Contract Number Two

SAILING OUT OF DARKNESS Sold (Finally) Perhaps the manuscript’s saga will encourage you to hang on and believe in your dreams, too. Picture a sailboat and a sailor and years from there to here. During that more-than-a-decade, we ventured forth on oceans and seas, living a life that changed us Read more →

And We Have A Winner!

  The (miniscule) number of entries allowed me to use a small hat for the selection process. I don’t have access to those cutesy random number thingies. So. I cut up pieces of paper, wrote names on these, folded the slips, and put them in Michael’s sailing cap. (It’s a Read more →

The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D.: A Review

Have you ever noticed that some friendships require work? You really like her, but sometimes your smile seems fixed, because she’s just so complicated. Her world has so many hills and valleys. Fine, yours does, too, but they’re yours, after all, and her issues remind you of the times you Read more →

Clearing the Decks

Before we take off on a cruise, we tie down dinghies, stow the sunshade, clear and secure lines, and set up jacklines if we’re heading out to sea. (Jacklines are tight, secure, lines that run from the bowsprit back to the cockpit and allow us to hook on tethers as Read more →

Repost of “No More Sock Puppets, Please”

A fun blogging friend, Mel Sherratt, first directed me to this post. David Hewson and his fellow writers have called for a stop to writing/blogging/critiquing frauds. Hear, hear.   No more sock puppets please Posted on September 3rd, 2012 by David Hewson   I’m delighted to be able to put my Read more →

What are we telling young women (and men)?

Susannah Friis wrote a wonderful blog post today. She’s angry, and I’m standing with her. I recently reposted a picture on Facebook. In one line, skinny, emaciated models posed. In the other, normal, healthy young women grinned at the camera. I’m not perfect. I’ve been known to obsess about avoirdupois Read more →