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It’s Almost May

April (and earlier) showers bring on the May flowers   In just the same way, I’m hoping that all that Fast and Furious action on my part (oh, yes, and on my editor’s and the designer’s) will bring about good and lovely things as Becalmed moves from proofing to print Read more →

Onward and Upward: New Roles and New Hats

I’ve had a lovely time as Executive Editor of Wayside Press, the general market imprint of Written World Communications, but it’s time to hang up that hat as I move forward into new roles. Two of my books release this summer, I’ve more on the hard drive in need to Read more →

A New Cover for Sailing out of Darkness! Releases August 15, 2013

I am so very excited to reveal the new cover from WhiteFire’s talented Roseanna White. She did a great preliminary one, but it just didn’t feel quite right. You know what I mean? So she looked for ideas. I looked for ideas. I thought I’d found one. She thought it Read more →

An Irish Blessing

Oh, I’ve an Irish ancestor or two, but none I remember. Still, when a friend forwarded a link to a beautiful blessing sung by Roma Downey, the pictures and the words were so lovely, I’d thought I’d add it here. Hope you enjoy the scenery! I makes me long Read more →


  David Stearman has a lovely blog with a pretty banner of a sailboat. When he invited me to write a guest post, he asked that I match the blog’s theme of Eyes to the Horizon. So I wrote on hope.  Here’s the beginning with a link to the full Read more →

Women’s Fiction, Boomer Lit, or Whatever This Is

Sailing out of Darkness is back in my editor’s hands (finally), so I’m taking a moment to toss out some thoughts that have been fogging up my non-writing/editing moments ever since I discovered this thing called Boomer Lit and joined a group to learn more. I hope you’ll read to Read more →

For Whom Do You Write?

Whose perceived need are you trying to meet as you sit at your computer? Are there voices clamoring for attention, asking you to conform? Or do you set these aside to listen to the voice in the mirror, looking back and you, and begging you to write–for you. I touch Read more →

Writers Weekend at the Beach

My first visit to the Pacific coast of Washington State took me to Ocean Park and the Writers Weekend at the Beach as a guest speaker. Lovely, welcoming folk; surprise sunshine; talented, enthusiastic writers: what more could a visitor from North Carolina want? Such fun talking about the cadence of Read more →

My Turn at The Next Big Thing

I’m writing this blog post at the behest of Val Nieman, who tagged me to join in a blog hop called The Next Big Thing. Val is a delightful friend, a transplant to North Carolina from the cold North, and a very talented writer. Her latest, newest, Next Big Thing Read more →

BECALMED: Fun with Book Covers

HAPPY NEW YEAR!     The proposed cover by the designer at Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. I figure where there’s a cover, there’s bound to be a book someday. And here’s the Back Cover Copy: When a Southern woman with a broken heart falls for a widower with a Read more →