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In Medias Res: Where to start your story

Linda Apple, writer and fellow Hartline client, first pointed me to Kristen Lamb’s blog. Now I’m pointing you in her direction. Amid all the hype about starting your work with a bang, Kristen has some excellent advice.                    Kristen Lamb’s Blog What Read more →

Traditional versus Self-publishing: Why the Furor?

Traditionally published (many times over) author Sue Grafton created a furor in an interview on August 7 in which she disparaged self-publishing and called self-pubbed authors lazy. I think perhaps Miss Manners might have cleared her throat, stepped in with an “A-hem,” and suggested that Sue pause and reconsider. Too Read more →

A Show-off Sky

We wandered outside yesterday to check on my little boat and look at what we saw:         As you can guess, we imagined huge winds, a deluge, possibly even a tornado. Instead, a drop or two and then a lovely sky.  

Twitterpated by Twitter?

As I’ve said before, I love reading what other folk have to say. But when two blogs show up in my Inbox with conflicting advice, I’m forced to think about taking sides. First came Rachelle Gardner’s post. Her headline read: “Authors, Are You Spamming? Stop It!” That got my attention. Read more →

New Website–Yippee!

Reeling from sticker shock a few days ago when a lovely web designer sent me a quote for design and maintenance of a website, I got busy. No, that’s wrong. I’ve been busy. If you’ve visited here at all in the last months, you will have seen various incarnations of Read more →


  Here’s a challenge. Would someone please design an edit function so authors of online comments can get a free pass for a do-over? The way either my blind eyes or my dyslexic fingers miss typos is enough to turn my face red and make my back itch.   I Read more →

In A Crowded Room

  A long time ago, in pre-Internet / pre-social media days, my eyes were still young and too often turned inward.   (Fine, sometimes they still are. That’s what poetry is for: to release angst. I’ve less of it to release these days, hence fewer poems find themselves squiggled between Read more →

Any Truly Satisfied Writers Out There?

Put on your author hat and help me out here, would you? Your agent has submitted your story. Rejection letters accumulate even as contest judges continue to give that baby accolades and at least one win. (You want to hug those judges–or at least send them some Godiva truffles.) You Read more →