Another One Down

Another manuscript out of my hands and into my agent's. Of course, he may not like it, but that's negative thinking, so I'd rather not go there.

I'm glad I listened to the voice in my head and rewrote this story in the first person. All of my other stories have multiple POVs. This one used to, but I think it flows more smoothly with the single point of view, especially considering the subject matter. Though I did like getting into the head of the crazy lady.... 

And perhaps that helped me build the story, writing her thoughts, making her real in my head. I could see her clearly, this woman bent on self-destruction. As I learned her life story, what happened to her became inevitable and she became real -- at least in my head.

And the secondary male character behaved badly sometimes -- okay, often -- but he was another flawed human. Aren't we all? I just hope I showed him that way, as someone who failed but who otherwise could be a friend. The heroine certainly liked him too well--until she didn't.

Now, there's a flawed person for you, that heroine. Flawed and hurting and full of angst.

It's a story about consequences. And what one can do when those consequences overwhelm.

Well, we'll see what comes of all of this.

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