Promo Video #1: New York City with River Laker of SilverSeasPR

A video interview by River Laker of Silver Seas PR on board Sea Venture in New York harbor. He made this the day after the Manhattan book event. Having fun in the big city!


Where was the make-up and hair artist when I needed her? Still, we had a great time. You can see more pictures of the book event here at Sliver Seas PR.


4 Replies to “Promo Video #1: New York City with River Laker of SilverSeasPR”

    1. Ah, David, how kind you are! It’s always more fun if we can hear one another, isn’t it? I credit River with helping me relax. He was so much fun! I’m really blessed to have his as my PR rep, ready to be there and go that extra mile. Of course, I could wish he’d come prepared to make me camera ready! Vanity, vanity, so filled with vanity. Big sigh!

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