Marketing, Stage 2: Becalmed’s Book Trailer


Some authors and social media experts have suggested that book trailers aren’t worth the effort in terms of sales. Maybe not, but I love watching them. And I’ve wanted one for my books. Only, I hadn’t a clue how to make one. Until today.

I’ve been studying trailers, and I really love the ones that use live action and actors. But I don’t have that capability myself, nor do I have the money to pay an expert to do it for me.

So. I looked at several how-to videos and picked the method that seemed most user friendly for a novice videographer. Yes, I upgraded from free to not-as-free-but-still-shy-of-the-pro-version of Animoto. And I paid for a couple of videos from istockphoto. But we’re not talking big bucks. And this, my friends, is what I produced. I do hope you like it, because I’m feeling like a proud mama.







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    1. I’m with you in that hope, David, but I’ve got to figure out how to get the word out. I think you’re my only faithful reader at this point! Pretty soon I’ll just address my posts “Dear David” and leave it at that.

      I had so much fun with Becalmed’s trailer that I think I’ll put off writing again today and make one for Sailing out of Darkness!

  1. I think you did a great job, you don’t always need the big action and actors. (That works better for films rather than books, surely). I’m not sure how well book trailers work in general, I know some publishers do use them, but typically for thrillers or big releases. I think they are designed to draw in people who would normally not read.
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    1. Well, I love movies, trailers, whatever, and I’ve had such fun making this and the second that I’m doing now. Even if they’re only for me…

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