Book News: One Finalist and One on Sale!

First of all, the news about four days of 99 cents for Kindle. WhiteFire Publishing has finally put Sailing out of Darkness in the almost-free category, so if any of you dear folk have been waiting to save a couple of dollars to read (oh, and pretty please, to review?) my second book, this is your chance We all like bargains, don’t we?

Here’s the link: Sailing out of Darkness on Amazon

And just to remind you how fun the book is, here’s the trailer again:


My next bit of good news? Becalmed is a finalist in the Heart of Excellence Contest for Strong Romantic Elements. I want to thank the lovely folk at Ancient City Romance Authors, the St. Augustine, FL, RWA chapter, for their support!

Here’s the Becalmed trailer, because I love it, too.


4 Replies to “Book News: One Finalist and One on Sale!”

    1. I had so much fun with those trailers. Sometimes I watch them because the music speaks to me–they become not something I made, but something apart from me (because, of course, I had nothing to do with creating the songs, which fit so perfectly!). Does that make sense?

      I do hope you enjoy Sailing out of Darkness.

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