Original floor plan

Hudson Layout as originally designed. Ours will be remodeled to work better for us. Michael spent months doing the design work on his CAD program before he began executing any of it! 

Galley work

Looking down the steps from the pilothouse. At the bottom left you’ll note wires all over the place. M. is also rewiring the whole boat! 

Roughed in galley counter

Here is the new roughed-in counter. M. angled that sharp 90 degree corner so it all matches. Wait until you see it finished! 

Old port-side salon

Old port side salon. Where you see the desk, we’re installing the stove. 

Hudson Sail Plan

Sea Venture’s sailplan 

Pilothouse view other Hudson

The Hudson pilothouse with galley design on starboard side–much too low for someone like me! 

Big Boat! Right before we bought Sea Venture

Sea Venture at various stages of refit.

Work on Galley and Photo intro

Here are some photos of Sea Venture as we work on her. Included is one of Michael standing beside the BIG boat when he first saw her in San Carlos, Mexico. The pilothouse photo is of a sister ship that was for sale in Sausalito. As you can see, the Read more →

Sea Venture at Stillwater Cove

Sea Venture at Still Water Cove near Pebble Beach Golf Course on her way to the CA Delta.  

Work on Sea Venture

Just learning this blog thing as I search for an easy way to post photos of the boat’s progress without having to republish the website everytime I add something. We’re still in CA, with Michael spending nights and weekends rebuilding the galley, along with all the other jobs he’s decided Read more →