Finally. Finally. We’ve installed the new pilothouse windows–after much ado, with the glass not fitting, having to order more, it not fitting. And at 3/4″, one can’t exactly whittle it down, though Michael did a lot of grinding on the fiberglass surrounds to get them installed.We’re also putting in new Read more →

Views from aloft

While Jason was up the mast helping his dad put on the new sail track, he took some great photos of the Delta area–and one of himself squinting so he looks like CA Gov. Arnold–just better looking.

More mast track pictures

Here are a few more pictures. I’ll try to get ones of the finished track up soon.

Strong Track installation

We’ve removed the old sail track on the main mast and replaced it with a Strong Track, which allows the sail to slide up and down as if it’s greased. All that’s left is the mizzen track, which we hope will be simpler as we’ve learned a few things in Read more →

Progress is SLOW!

Michael’s been working every night and most weekends on the galley, but it’s been very slow. Not only because he’s had to make space for the generator, build up the flooring under it, set up the plumbing and wiring, then haul in and install the heavy monster, but also because Read more →

A Sistership’s New Owner

If you go down several posts to the one of me looking up into the pilothouse, you’ll note how pristine that boat is. As I mentioned in the comments below it–several posts below (I was just learning how to do this)–you’ll notice I mention that it’s a sister ship. She Read more →

What’s going on

On one of the few non-drizzly days when M. actually got to the boat, he took more sunset photos. They’ll give you something to look at while you’re waiting for updates on boat work. I just wish the boat were ready to live on so we could see these things Read more →

Photos: DC, Sleepy Creek, Delta Bay

This is DC by night. Michael took it (he takes most of them) in December of 2004 when we spent Christmas with my mother.The view from our home at Sleepy Creek in North Carolina.This and the next two were taken from the cockpit of Sea Venture December 2005 as she Read more →

Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez

These were taken after a night of heaving to so we could enter La Paz by daylight. As you can see, the water’s still a little fiesty. It got downright nasty during the night, and I was awfully glad we only had the mizzen and backed working jib, which kept Read more →

View from aloft in San Carlos

Here we are, anchored off San Carlos, Mexico, July 2004. As you see, we’re still working on rigging issues–or maybe Michael (or Joshua–I don’t remember whether Josh and Andrew hoisted Michael or Michael and Andrew hoisted Josh for this one!) was putting up the fuzz ball in case we ran Read more →