Iglesia Santa Barbara de Santa Rosalia

What a lovely service. A breeze wafted in the windows, but with the humidity approaching 100%, sweat drenched everything. Still, the music was enthusiastic, and the priest really got into his message. From what I could gather based on my limited Spanish/Italian, he spoke of not putting off a relationship Read more →

Santa Rosalia — hot dogs and parties

We toured the town yesterday. Faye, Ken, and Michael scarfed down a few of the famous bacon-wrapped, coated-with-everything hot dogs at Chuyitas Hot Dog stand (open only after 6:30 PM, too late for me to pollute my insides with indigestibles), while I feasted instead on mango sorbet. At the church Read more →

Aqua Verde to Santa Rosalia

It’s been a while since I last had enough bandwidth and/or time to post anything. The photos above show the lovely water at Aqua Verde again, where Michael is cleaning the hull. He used the hookah he’s built, while I tackled the waterline using my snorkel.We left Aqua Verde on Read more →

Anchoring in Bahia Aqua Verde

Here is how clear the water was in Aqua verde. That’s the anchor buoy on top of the water and the anchor down 26.5 feet. Lovely snorkeling, lovely swimming.

La Fuente: The BEST Ice Cream in the world

 Mama, Michael, and I agree, the ice cream at La Fuente, on the Malecon in La Paz, has to be some of the best we’ve ever eaten, probably because it’s made right on site. We took a quart of mango sorbet with us when we went to the islands for Read more →

Lovely bird, lovely water

 We stopped in Caleta Partida, a bay between Isla Partida and Isla Espiritu Santo, on our way back to La Paz for a quick medical visit and then for the last week of Mama’s visit. It offers the most protection from the nightly corumuels, besides being quite lovely. Boats came Read more →

Ella spies out the land

Mama’s trip on Sea Venture:We motored out of La Paz harbor on Tuesday, May 26, as soon as the wind had died enough to assure easy access to the fuel dock. We made an appointment at Marina Costa Baja for noonish. Slipping between anchored boats, passing into the channel to Read more →

La Paz again

We’re anchored in Ensenada de la Paz, off the Magote, which is a peninsula protecting the harbor area from the more open Bahia de la Paz. The anchorage is subject to a hefty current flow, which often acts counter to the winds. Evening corumels blow through here and provide cool Read more →

More Thoughts on Mexico

From our first months in Ensenada we noticed it. And from frequent trips across the border, we noticed the lack of it. Happiness. Contentment, in spite of life lived with less than the average American would consider a sustenance wage. Choices made to honor family, to delight in children, to Read more →

Bahia Falsa

Bahia Falsa4/12/09Easter SundayHe Is Risen!!!Cacti silhouette the hills’ edge. Silence, except for the distant drone of traffic on the road into La Paz and the laughing folk in a panga nearby, graces the sunlit day. Sea Venture turns on her anchor, the scenery changing with the breeze.We’re so glad to Read more →