Writing (Not) on Board

I’m trying something new. Yes, on the marketing advice of someone in the know, I’m trying to gear down to one blog. So, this appeared over on Sea Venture’s blog, and because a lovely friend commented, I don’t want to dump the post. But the content here would only duplicate another post, so I’ve edited a bit.

Sea Venture is slowly coming back together. Someday soon we’ll slide out of Beaufort and anchor someplace for a night or two. I can’t wait. . .




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  1. This is what I love most, both as a reader and a writer – discovering new worlds. Listening to other people’s stories. The ability to understand a reality so different from our own.

    1. Amen. Books open us to worlds we’d never enter, don’t they? And as writers, we have the incredible blessing of being able to crawl into those different worlds that our characters inhabit. Thanks so much for stopping by my sailing site! I think WordPress automatically sends folk here instead of the writing blog because I’ve decamped to WordPress.org for it.

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