Work on Sea Venture

Just learning this blog thing as I search for an easy way to post photos of the boat’s progress without having to republish the website everytime I add something. We’re still in CA, with Michael spending nights and weekends rebuilding the galley, along with all the other jobs he’s decided to tackle.  I’ll try to post whenever M. updates the files.

3 Replies to “Work on Sea Venture”

  1. mom and dad this is amazing, i will see you in about 18 months. You enjoy yourselves and thank you for giving to the lord,i am a life that was changed! I am so glad you gave! now go on out to sea and soon we’ll meet again! God’s blessing!!! ps. beautiful children all my love Gina Lea xo

  2. Hi Normandie, you’ll have to tell Michael to work quickly before you lose your sea legs and have to stay on land forever. Do you have your next trip planned yet?
    Sending you both Huge Hugs

    1. Wouldn’t I love to get back out there, David. We were working on the boat the other day and the yearning to be there, sailing, hit with such force. Soon we will go some place, even if just around the corner.

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