Virtual Launch Party for Sailing out of Darkness: Prelude 1

As I did before the launch of Becalmed, I’ll be posting tidbits to whet your appetite.

The actual party takes place on Tuesday, December 17, on Facebook, and we’ll be there celebrating all day. Again, we’ll have a number of authors taking the floor for an hour or so who will give away a signed copy of their book to someone who comments during that time.

It’s great fun and offers friends of friends the chance to learn about new authors–and perhaps win a book!

Here’s a picture of the cover designed by the very talented Roseanna White.

Sailing out of Darkness Full final copy


Stay tuned for bits about the various characters in Sailing out of Darkness, along with information on each of our participating authors!


2 Replies to “Virtual Launch Party for Sailing out of Darkness: Prelude 1”

    1. Many of my stories were written while we were cruising, Marina, so I had a head start on the tweaking and rewriting needed to get each ready for submission. And every time I write something new, I want to go back and tweak an old one to raise its stakes–which is what I’m in the middle of now. It’s rather a surprise that I let Becalmed and Sailing out of Darkness loose for my agent to find them homes!

      But, you know, all of this keeps us off the streets and out of trouble! (And it seems to me, you are writing. Your thoughtful blog posts count!)

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