The bow thruster arrived–and now there’s a recall

I must say, once the Lewmar head honcho in England got involved, folk jumped. We received the new motor within days (all the way from England) with only minimal damage. Do not, let me repeat, do not allow a vendor to ship something with any heft via UPS. We’ll fix this one ourselves, but really… And this one had been crated.

But, the day we received the motor, we got a recall notice for the part we’d already installed. Is someone trying to tell us something? Is this because we slid toward the dark side and are becoming a motor boat with auxiliary sails instead of a sailboat with an auxiliary engine?

Something to ponder.

More later.




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  1. Hi Michael and Normandie.
    I hope your bow thruster woes are behind you.
    I was wanting to email you but I don’t seem to have an email address.
    As you’ve probably discovered the Force50 site is not functioning. It appears due to lack of funding and admin.
    I’ve had discussions with Doug and Roger and they agree it is too good a resource to let disappear. We, and I’m sure many others would be happy to chip in a few $ each year to fund it.

    We’d be very interested in your input and thoughts, and of course your participation.
    Do you know how to contact Jim Lay?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Vic (VirtualVagabond)

  2. Hi Michael and Normandie,
    I trust you are both well, and Happy Easter.
    I’ve tried to post a comment here a couple of times but not sure they went through.
    Doug, Roger and I have been talking about reviving the Force50 owners site.
    We’re hoping you’d like to be involved too. We, and I’m sure many others would be happy to chip in a few $ per year to fund the annual fee and we have a number of people happy to manage the site.
    Please email me back directly to and if you have contact details, or are in a position to talk to Jim Lay, that would be a huge help too.
    Vic (VirtualVagabond)

    1. I sent you an email, Vic. We’re in agreement that the site is too valuable to lose, but if we’ve lost it, then we’ll all just have to pool our accumulated knowledge and do it again!

  3. Hey all, so I agree that fhe site is too valuable a resource to lose. I would be interested in assisting with setting up a new site, setting up the new site, or whatever needs to be done to get once backonline. there are plenty of places to set it up that don’t cost a lot, and I can donate some time and potentially some $$ if necessary with way…. Does anyone know if the data from the old site are still available? That would keep up from starting from scratch again.

    Anyway looks like Michael and Normandie crossed over to the dark site with their bow thruster…..Glad to have them there with us. We love our bow thruster!

    – Arlo, Patti and Charlie!

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