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STORMS AND STORIES: Post-Hurricane, a Story from Mexico

One of my WIPs begins with a scene taken from my first storm on board Sea Venture. We’d moved the boat from the CA Delta to Marina Bay in Richmond, CA. The wind and waves had direct access through the Golden Gate to our slip. Michael was late returning from Read more →

Storm Preparation

Sometimes we wonder if we own our big boat or if it owns us. See that bright red/orange blob? We’re right in the middle of it.   Take hurricane preparedness. Yesterday, the weather gurus still couldn’t say how far off Hurricane Sandy would be, but they guaranteed we’d have surges Read more →

A Show-off Sky

We wandered outside yesterday to check on my little boat and look at what we saw:         As you can guess, we imagined huge winds, a deluge, possibly even a tornado. Instead, a drop or two and then a lovely sky.