Introducting Sailing out of Darkness in My Words


My publicist, River Laker of Silver Seas PR, shot these on board Sea Venture at Liberty Landing Marina, where we’d docked while I played grandmother to my daughter’s newborn a ferry ride away in NYC. Obviously, (sans doute!) I had no script. Nor the benefit of a make-up and hair artist (big sigh).  Still, they give voice to some of my thoughts on the story.

Sailing out of Darkness

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9:00-10:10 Barbara Davis
10:10-11:20 Lynne Hinkey
11:20-12:40 Jessica Topper
12:40-1:50 Robin Patchen
1:50-3:00 Jessica Dotta
3:00-4:10 Barbara Claypole White
4:10-5:20 Laura Wharton
5:20-6:30 Anne Barnhill
6:30 -8:00 yours truly

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A New Cover for Sailing out of Darkness! Releases August 15, 2013

I am so very excited to reveal the new cover from WhiteFire’s talented Roseanna White. She did a great preliminary one, but it just didn’t feel quite right. You know what I mean?

So she looked for ideas. I looked for ideas. I thought I’d found one. She thought it flat. And then she sent me this:

Sailing out of Darkness front FINAL copy

The tag line on the back:

LOVE CONQUERS ALL? Maybe for some folk.

River Laker, of Silver Seas PR, came up with that line, tweaked a little by Robin Patchen.

Now I can’t stop grinning. The gorgeous cover for Becalmed, my debut release, makes me giddy as well, but Sailing out of Darkness is a very different story, with much darker elements. There’s light at the end–and some in the middle–which I think Roseanna captured beautifully.

This cover didn’t even need to show a sailboat. With that sun shining under her arm, it looks to me as if Samantha’s sailing on her own, propelled by the light.

So tell me: would you buy it?

The book releases on August 15 in both e-book and paperback. Stay tuned!