Schedule of Giveaways: Becalmed Facebook Launch Party

July 1 on Facebook: Have Fun/Win Books

Lots of Books!
Which to choose?

The party starts at 8 AM on Monday. I know that seems early, but Barbara Claypole White will be chatting with us from her home town in England.

One fortunate commenter who shows up between 8 AM and 10 AM will receive a signed copy of Barbara’s delightful book, The Unfinished Garden, as well as an e-book version of Becalmed. Barbara will be there to chat with you, so please stop by. I love that this story tackles OCD with humor, compassion, and (woo-hoo!) romance.

From 10 AM to 11 AM, Robin Patchen will be around to chat about her charming novella, One Christmas Eve. The winner of Robin’s e-book will also receive a singed paperback copy of Becalmed.

From 11 AM to 12 Noon, Roseanna White will have the helm. Roseanna has written one of the best biblical/historical novels I’ve read, called Jewel of Persia. At noon, we will choose the winner of this signed book, who will also receive an e-book copy of Becalmed. Roseanna is busy writing for several publishers and editing books for WhiteFire Publishing.

From Noon until 2 PM, we’ll visit with C Hope Clark, author of Lowcountry Bribe and Tidewater Murder. Hope is the founder of and is a great encourager. Her most recent release, Tidewater Murder, takes place in Beaufort, SC, and involves a trawler. Ah-ha. So, the winner here will be able to read about both Beauforts–North and South! We’ll give away a signed copy of Tidewater Murder and an e-book of Becalmed.

From 2 PM to 4 PM, we have Lorrie Thomson chatting with us about her new book Equilibrium, which releases from Kensington in September. The winner at 4 PM will receive a signed copy of an ARC of this soon-coming book. It sounds like a great read. I’ll also include another e-book of Becalmed.

From 4 PM to 6 PM, Kathryn Craft will be our hostess. She’ll sign an ARC of her January release from Sourcebooks, The Art of Falling, and I’ll include another e-book of Becalmed. Best-selling author Elizabeth Benedict says The Art of Falling “strikes universal chords in all of us who yearn, who love, who fall and fail, and struggle to find our way back home.”

 Lorrie and Kathryn are new friends of mine from the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, so I’m sure they’d be happy to chat with you about the group and the genre, if you have any questions. Kathryn is also a developmental editor at

That brings us to the final two hours. Folk who comment between 6 PM and 8 PM will have their name tossed in the hat to win a signed copy of Becalmed.  I’ll be around most of the day, announcing winners every few hours, so come play!

To Recap: One hold-in-your-hands book and one e-book per giveaway

8 AM to 10 AMBarbara Claypole White, The Unfinished Garden

10 AM to 11 AM: Robin Patchen, One Christmas Eve

11 AM to Noon:  Roseanna White, Jewel of Persia

Noon to 2 PM:    C Hope Clark, Tidewater Murder

2 PM to 4 PM:    Lorrie Thomson, Equilibrium

4 PM to 6 PM:    Kathryn Craft, The Art of Falling

6 PM to 8 PM:    Normandie Fischer, Becalmed



Prelude to Virtual Launch 2

Prelude to VIRTUAL LAUNCH: Day 2

Here we are at Day 2 of the prelude for the Becalmed’s Facebook launch Party on July 1. Yesterday we learned a little about James. Today, we meet his wife, Elvie Mae.

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Front, Back, and Middle
Front, Back, and Middle


Second up: Elvie Mae Whitlock

Elvie Mae Whitlock reminds me of a beautiful woman from my childhood. Her name was Rose, and a lovelier, kinder, more intelligent woman would have been hard to find. Rose “did” for my grandmother when I was a lonely young girl. I’d spend summers in that big house in New Bern, NC, and I’d read or wander the outdoors because, as sweet as my grandaddy was, he was too old and often too ill to spend any time with me. Green Acres was a wonderful place on acres and acres of woods, but none of the folk who inhabited it talked much to children. My grandmother may have taught me to curtsey to her friends, but she’d had help raising her own children, so what to do with me except whisper “Hush” puzzled her. Sometimes I needed a friend. And there was Rose, who’d let me sit in the huge country kitchen while she ironed or cooked. And she’d listen.

Maybe if Elvie Mae had been younger when her own Miss Caroline died, and maybe if she hadn’t been a married woman going through a heap of trouble, she might have gone off like Rose to complete her education. The last time I saw Rose, she’d moved to DC, gotten a masters degree, and landed a good job. Her daughter, Darlene, was thriving.

Elvie Mae, a tiny thing who came to work for the Longworths to help her granny, stayed on because Miss Caroline—and Miss Caroline’s two children, Tadie and Bucky—needed her. She raised them right along with her own daughter, Rita, and they became family.

To Tadie, Elvie and James and Rita are true kin.

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Giving away books at Becalmed’s Facebook Launch Party from authors Kathryn Craft, Barbara Claypole White, C Hope Clark, Roseanna White, Lorrie Thomson, and Robin Patchen.


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