It’s Almost May

April (and earlier) showers bring on the May flowers

Toward the west
Camelias at front door


In just the same way, I’m hoping that all that Fast and Furious action on my part (oh, yes, and on my editor’s and the designer’s) will bring about good and lovely things as Becalmed moves from proofing to print and into the hands of reviewers.

Do multi-published authors go through this same angst with each book? Or do only debut titles make the palms itch and the heart palpitate, as if I were headed out on a first date with The One?



Because you know what? I want to restyle my hair and make sure the blush hasn’t created mini clown circles on my cheeks, to check my hem and my shoes, because maybe I should wear a different pair, one that doesn’t make me tower. Perhaps a better color? Oh, there goes the front-door bell. Am I ready?

Talk to me. Am I alone in craziness?