Actors to Play Characters in Sailing out of Darkness

I love Facebook and my interaction with friends. John Pelkey was the first to come up with actors he thought would be perfect for Becalmed‘s characters, so I set up a Pinterest Board for them.

After beginning Sailing out of Darkness, Kimberli Buffaloe fell in love with Teo, and we began playing with the idea of characters for it. John Pelkey joined in this morning with some more great picks after finishing the book. I don’t see in these terms when I write, so I love what these readers have come up with.

Click here to see what they’ve come up with so far. I’d love to hear your thoughts on their choices. Do you have others to suggest?

And what about settings? Kimberli said she has some thoughts on how the settings in Sailing out of Darkness fit the story. What do you think?

Sailing PUff