Prelude to Virtual Launch 6

Prelude to VIRTUAL LAUNCH: Day 6

Here we are at Day 6 of the prelude for the Becalmed’s Facebook launch Party on July 1. We’ve met James, Elvie Mae, and Rita Whitlock, along with Isa Wellington and Matt and Hannah Morgan. Today we meet the Alexander Morgans.

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We’re also having fun with ideas for actors to play the various parts. Come take a look at the Pinterest Board for Becalmed’s Characters and let me know if you’d like to add a suggestion. I don’t see my characters this way, which is why I like faceless covers, but one of my readers, John Pelkey, sent me these offerings. Here are two of his suggestions for Alex. And then there’s Bethanne.
What do you think?

Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffrey Donovan
Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell


Sixth up: Alex and Bethanne Morgan

Alexander Morgan flips a lock of his black hair off his brow and tries to hide how conscious he is of his looks and his smarts. He strutted around Beaufort during his youth, competing, always competing, to be the best, the handsomest, the smartest, and a whole lot better than his older brother. Matt stayed put in this small, pokey town, but Alex has been places. Last fifteen years, he’s been living in the North and doing just fine, thank you very much. He’s got two gorgeous daughters, and if things aren’t going so well with Bethanne, well, that’s not his fault.

He shouldn’t have sold half his interest in Morgan’s Lumber to his brother. Fact is, Bethanne wanted that big house and the swimming pool. And if Bethanne wants something, she’s likely to get it. He’s not careful, she’ll sashay those hips of hers right out the door, taking her daddy’s money and connections right along with them.

Well, maybe now they’re back in Beaufort, he’ll let her. After all, he’s managing—all right, helping to manage Morgan’s—and he’s got other prospects. Looks to him like Tadie might just be one of them.


Love this choice of John Pelkey’s for Bethanne.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears


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  1. We’ll see as more readers who up, won’t we, David? And even though the “virtual” launch is still a week away, the actual on-Amazon launch happened early! Who knew?

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