Prelude to Virtual Launch 4

Prelude to VIRTUAL LAUNCH: Day 4

Here we are at Day 4 of the prelude for the Becalmed’s Facebook launch Party on July 1. We’ve met James, Elvie Mae, and Rita Whitlock. Today we meet the ethereal Isa.

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Fourth up: Isa Wellington

After a disastrous marriage in Wilmington, DE, Isa (Isadora) Wellington moved to Beaufort, where she now works for Tadie and Hannah at Down East Creations, a boutique for the arty and unusual. Here, she flits around, her long silver hair flowing behind her, dangly earrings swaying from her lobes, fluttering like a brightly colored butterfly. Who’d guess that she was once a math teacher?

Isa hates to part with the goodies at Down East Creations. But she’s good at it, as she is at making friends with everyone who comes in the shop, including—and especially—a little cruiser named Jilly.

Isa has secrets of her own and things from her past that inform her choices. But then, don’t we all?

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Hosting bookstore for book signing off our boat at the Beaufort Docks, July 3, 2-5
Hosting bookstore for book signing off our boat at the Beaufort Docks, July 3, 2-5


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8 Replies to “Prelude to Virtual Launch 4”

  1. I wish I could come to your book signing, see your beautiful boat, and tour this charming town. I think I’d be looking for Isa and the rest of your characters in the shops.

    1. Wish you could be there, too. But maybe some day! I love the idea of hunting up characters in a town. They won’t be there, but isn’t it fun that they could be?

  2. And I’ll add you to the hat again! I like Isa. Well, I like all the Beaufort folk, even the bad guys, because they’re fun to write!

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