Across the Sea of Cortez

Tuesday December 9:Jim Elfers, Marina Manager at Puerto los Cabos (pictures above), suggested we head to Mazatlan for our engine repair—an easy reach, said he, while we’d have a terrible beat up the coast to La Paz with no engine. Okay. When weather predictions from three sources said we’d have Read more →

a miracle and a test

En Route from Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas 12/2/08 You know how sometimes something you’ve just had in your hand all of a sudden disappears? You know it was right there a moment ago. And now it isn’t. A few days ago, back in Bahia Asuncion, Michael was Read more →

Cedros Island

In between Bahia San Quintin and Turtle Bay, lies Cedros Island. As you can tell from the dates on the posts, I’m uploading what I wrote from the comfort of an internet connection in Mazatlan. I forgot Cedros, poor thing. And that’s where I caught my first fish! So, I’ll Read more →

Bahia Asuncion

We arrived at Bahia Asuncion late on the 27th, in time to feast on homemade chicken noodle soup and whole wheat biscuits for our Thanksgiving dinner. I’d thought of doing more, but we were both tired from the large rolly waves, so it was wonderful just to sit, eat, and Read more →

Turtle Bay

We reluctantly left the lovely anchorage at San Quintin around 11AM on Monday, 11/24/08. The wind clocked around from east to south to northwest as we motored out far enough to avoid navigation hazards along the coast. By nigh fall, the wind was dead astern and there wasn’t enough of Read more →

Still in San Quintin

It’s November 23. Sunday: The Bible on CD and now worship music as we celebrate the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. How anyone can doubt a Creator God when all this magnificence surrounds us? Michael had to turn on the generator to uses his metal Read more →

South from Ensenada: Bahia San Quintin

It’s November 22, 2008. I’m watching the fog roll in from the ocean as the sun lowers itself behind the clouds and the white hotel behind us lights up in reflected brilliance, the first color it’s had all day. I don’t know why more boats don’t come in here. Sixteen Read more →

Ensenada Big Flag

UPDATE Sailblogs Trip South CA to Ensenada

We’re now in Ensenada, Mexico. See our sailblogs blog  for the recent posts. Link on pages above.

Moved to Richmond

Well, deadlines are wonderful things but they don’t often work. So, instead of heading to Mexico, we’ve moved the boat to Marina Bay in Ricihmond, CA. The trip down the San Jauquin was cold and lovely, and we can now see the Golden Gate–we’re almost outside!We’ll try to get picutres Read more →