Next Stop Virtual Launch: Becalmed has a Facebook Party!

I’ve been busy. Which kept me from posting the last character post. But I can’t leave Jilly out of the list because she’s my favorite character and the star of the story.

Becalmed Party Prelude 9: Meet Jilly

Gillian Grace Merritt, seven (and almost-a-half) years old, red-haired, pig-tailed, sweet, and smart, loves living on the Nancy Grace with her daddy, Will. She misses her mommy, but it’s okay. She and her daddy get to go places, and her daddy is the best hugger in the world. He calls her his First Mate.

Being First Mate on the Nancy Grace is important work. Daddy lets her drive sometimes. And she knows how to follow his hand signals to back down on the anchor so it will set. When he twirls her around and says she’s indispensable, Jilly figures that’s about as close to heaven as she’s going to get here on earth.

Sometimes, though, she really wishes they could stop someplace long enough so she could have a best friend. Here they are, stopped in Beaufort to fix the Nancy Grace, but not for long enough. Daddy says they have to fix the boat and get out of the way of hurricanes. Hurricanes are bad for boats.

Reader John Pelkey sent in some suggestions for actors to play the various roles should the story ever go to film. I added these to a Pinterest board called Becalmed‘s Characters.  This first is his idea for Jilly.


Miffy Englefield
Miffy Englefield

She’d be great, but as I never work this way, I thought I’d toss out these next so readers can just imagine Jilly as they will. I’d be happy to add faces to the board if you send me your suggestions!

Elsie Kate Fisher
Elsie Kate Fisher

I know. She needs red hair and green eyes…but she’s cute!

Maggie Elizabeth Jones
Maggie Elizabeth Jones

Contact lenses?

If you share this post and leave a comment about it below, I’ll add you to the drawing for a copy of Becalmed. I’ll be choosing the next winner tomorrow evening!

Becalmed’s Facebook Launch Party, July 1, 8AM to 8PM

Giveaways from seven authors! Schedule coming tomorrow!





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