Learning about Landing Pages

All of you website gurus have this trick already in your bag. I, instead, am at the beginning of this particular learning curve.

But I just read some interesting tidbits from a man whose blog I follow. I really enjoy Joel Friedlander’s words of wisdom and encouragement on The Book Designer, and recently Joel talked about landing pages.

What, I wondered, were these? (You see how far behind I lag?) Joel and his guest proceeded to tell me.

And being a hands-on learner, I decided to see if I could create one that worked.

Would you take a look and let me know what you think? All you have to do is click HERE.

Or click on the Page Tab above that’s called HOME.

Will you do that and let me know? After all, that’s how I’ll learn and get it right!


Gulls in San Carlos Dec 2009Coming in for a landing–and aiming at Sea Venture (taken San Carlos, MX) 2010

6 Replies to “Learning about Landing Pages”

    1. See, I said I was a winging it. I have now fixed both links! I don’t know what happened to the original, but thank you so much for pointing out my error, David!

    1. Thank you, David. Glad you liked it. I used WIX, which is very drop and drag–so much more intuitive for those of us who don’t know any kind of computer-speak!

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