It’s Almost May

April (and earlier) showers bring on the May flowers

Toward the west
Camelias at front door


In just the same way, I’m hoping that all that Fast and Furious action on my part (oh, yes, and on my editor’s and the designer’s) will bring about good and lovely things as Becalmed moves from proofing to print and into the hands of reviewers.

Do multi-published authors go through this same angst with each book? Or do only debut titles make the palms itch and the heart palpitate, as if I were headed out on a first date with The One?



Because you know what? I want to restyle my hair and make sure the blush hasn’t created mini clown circles on my cheeks, to check my hem and my shoes, because maybe I should wear a different pair, one that doesn’t make me tower. Perhaps a better color? Oh, there goes the front-door bell. Am I ready?

Talk to me. Am I alone in craziness?







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  1. Normandie, I think we are stuck in panic mode. I don’t know if you know the name Linda Goodnight. She is multi-multi- published and a member of our local group, sweet woman. I traveled to ACFW with her 2 years ago and got the chance to really pick her brain. She told me that the worry, and the internal feeling that this latest novel will be the ruin of her career NEVER goes away.

    Maybe not that bad for all, but tou get the picture. I think these feelings just come with the territory.
    Sharon Srock recently posted..WINDING DOWN THE LAUNCHMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Sharon, but it just brings on a huge sigh! I keep hoping I’ll become cavalier, you know, the flutter of the fingers at the thought of horrible press or reviews that may make me want to close the closet door and let loose. Knowing me, I don’t think I’m the finger-flutter type.

      I read a review of a book that I really like, The Unfinished Garden, by Barbara Claypole White, that made me want to rise up in the book’s defense. If Barbara’s book can garner criticism, I’m sure I won’t be immune. I suppose the best tactic is just to keep on writing!

  2. How exciting! (And yes, a little frightening, but I always have butterflies in my tummy when I do a presentation, even though that is my day job and I do it so frequently, so I suppose it never goes away for book publishing either). Good luck and enjoy the ride!
    Marina Sofia recently posted..Home Burrowing TimeMy Profile

    1. Thank you, my friend. I’ll do my best! Fortunately, I’ll be hopping on board Sea Venture instead of watching Amazon for reviews, which may relieve some of the angst.

    1. Oh, David, it’s so lovely to hear from you! Thank you for those kind words. We continue to pray for you all, with huge hugs send your way, too!

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