Beta Reader Reviews BECALMED

From Nicole Petrino-Salter’s blog Into the Fire comes Becalmed’s first blog review.  I’m doing a happy dance.

Here’s a bit out of the middle:

Normandie Fischer leaves no question as to the authenticity of her sailing know-how in her entertaining first release Becalmed. Just as talented author Tom Morrisey has made rock climbing and diving terms real to those of us who’ve never done either, Normandie takes us right onto the boats in her story without talking down to us or forfeiting the true language and operation of those who love the wind in their sails.

Sometimes genres mesh together and don’t fit comfortably into their assigned niches, but Becalmed is Women’s Fiction from stem to stern…

A polished wordsmith, Normandie Fischer captures the essence of Southern charm and infuses it with the love of the sailing life, the needs and desires of a still-young woman who feels old and unattractive, and the necessity for honest relationships. Becalmed fills the reader with vivid emotional and physical imagery ingesting Southern humor and expressions moving toward reaching a touching and satisfying conclusion.

Hop on over to Nicole’s blog to read the rest!


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  1. So true, every word! When Tadie is sailing, I can feel the spray in my face and smell the salt water. Can’t wait to see this book in stores.

  2. No wonder you’re doing a Happy Dance Normandie. This is a wonderful review from someone obviously knowledgeable in both the genre and the technicalities of sailing. I’m thrilled for you but it’s a well deserved review. xx Hugs xx
    David Prosser recently posted..Kinky Boots.My Profile

  3. Thank you so much, David. Hope you’ll have a chance to look at it someday. I did wish your bride might have enjoyed it. Still lifting you up, my friend.

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