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4.5 STARS **** Top Pick

Fischer’s recent romantic thriller is replete with awkward encounters that eventually turn into romance amid Palestinian-Israeli terrorist activity and a flurry of mysterious disappearances. Complete with a well-defined cast set within alternating parallel-narrative chapters that zero in on two principal characters—he, an engineer, and she, a history teacher wanting more out of life—Fischer’s novel is nothing less than thoroughly gripping!

A recipient of an unexpected windfall soon after the death of her tight-fisted and domineering father, Rina Roberts leaves her North Carolina environs for the very first time and sets off without her fiancé on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Italy. A train ride suddenly turns Rina’s excitement into fear, especially when she learns of a murder. But while en route, Rina sees Tony, an American-Israeli who’s in her language class. As Tony pursues her, what began as an awkward encounter turns into a full-blown love affair. Yet Rina is unsure if she can trust Tony, especially when she gets caught in an unexpected crossfire. (SLEEPY CREEK PRESS, Nov. ’15, 414 pp., $13.95)

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Reviewed by: Anita Lock



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Two from Isaac’s House
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